1993 Porsche 959 Komfort Sold









Porsche 959 Komfort  

UK Registered

72,000 KM


It is hard to overstate just how truly ahead of its time the Porsche 959 project was when unveiled as the Gruppe B concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1983 and subsequently as a production model in 1985. It unequivocally defined the supercar market at its very highest end - where there are no compromises on performance or limitations on cost. Alongside Lamborghini’s Countach LP5000 QV and Ferrari’s F40, the 959 has become a poster car for an entire generation of automotive enthusiasts. Better yet, the 959 has always been the most luxurious, reliable, tractable, and rarest model of these three.

While Ferrari and Lamborghini were jousting for the relatively straightforward accolade of world’s fastest car, Porsche head of research and development Helmuth Bott’s team of engineers were given free rein to pursue an enviably open-ended brief: to create the world’s most advanced and capable supercar.

The 959 has long been renowned among privileged enthusiasts as an eminently usable vehicle compared to other, less practical supercars of the era.

In every department, Porsche engineers deployed cutting-edge technology no matter the cost to unlock unparalleled levels of performance. It was Bott’s dedication to the ethos that electronics could enhance mechanical performance that ultimately led to such spectacular results. Looking past its incredible performance figures, the 959 introduced various features that would later become industry standards. Adjustable suspension, an “intelligent” four-wheel-drive system, lightweight Kevlar composite and aluminum body panels, and super-lightweight hollow-spoke magnesium wheels made it nothing short of a game-changer.

The 959 was lightyears ahead of its time, and its staggering performance capabilities were eclipsed only by its development costs—which nearly bankrupted Porsche. Despite a suggested retail price of 420,000 DM, the company still lost 50% of its costs on each of the 292 units sold. Most 959s were furnished in Komfort trim which this car is. The Komfort spec cars included standard seatbelts, air conditioning, cabin insulation, leather upholstery, and an adjustable suspension system.

This car is a well-documented well-maintained, and tastefully specified example accompanied by its manuals, tools, service invoices, a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity and substantial file of additional paperwork.

An undeniable classic supercar, one of the most desirable Porsche models, and icon of the 1980s, this 959 Komfort presents a very rare opportunity to acquire an excellent, turnkey example of a significant model that offers thrills not only from its captivating looks but also its acclaimed handling and performance. This is a legendary model and as such it is an outstanding target for any finely curated collection of important supercars.