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Porsche 997 'Sport Classic'

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Introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, the 911 Sport Classic incorporated much of Porsche’s advanced technology in its long-lived and constantly improved 911 chassis. Its specially modified 3,800-cc four-cam, four-valve normally aspirated and direct-injected engine is aided by a “Power Kit” that includes ported and polished combustion chambers, special resonance intake manifolding that helps maintain peak power throughout the rev range, and a re-mapped ECU. There is also a new exhaust system and carbon-fiber air-box. These upgrades produced a thumping 408 hp, a 23-horse improvement over the standard Carrera S motor. Power is delivered through a six-speed, fully synchronized manual transaxle with a mechanical limited-slip differential. The 911 Sport Classic includes many desirable options, including advanced PCCB Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes and the very effective PASM sports suspension which lowers the car by nearly an inch.

The fascinating roof contour, which Porsche called “Double-dome,” is reminiscent of the “double bubble” roofs seen on the designs of Zagato. The body shell includes wider (by 1.75 in.) rear quarter panels borrowed from the Carrera 4 to accommodate the wider track, along with revised rocker sills and rear bumper. The 19-in. alloy wheels are custom-made and resemble the iconic rims made by Fuchs. The front fascia was created by SportDesign and offers a unique front spoiler lip, while the engine cover hosts a rear “ducktail” spoiler harkening to the classic Carrera RS of 1973. The door skins are light aluminum alloy for a bit of weight-saving. All Sport Classic coupes were painted an unusual color called Sport Classic Grey with a pair of medium gray stripes runs the length of the hood, roof, and tail.

The interior of the Sport Classic has been described as “the most lavish, finely detailed interior seen on a production Porsche.” The Adaptive Sport Seats are covered with an attractive combination of woven leather and fabric. Intriguing details abound. “The dashboard,” said Porsche, includes “a wide range of inserts and add-on components finished in Espresso Nature natural leather.” Gray stripes accent the face of the tachometer and repeat the stripes across the body. The steering wheel is covered in supple Nappa leather, and there is a high-end Bose stereo system. Polished stainless sill plates feature the Sport Classic script illuminated in blue. As Excellence Magazine stated in November 2010, the Sport Classic is “the best and most complete driver’s Carrera so far.”

The car has all its original factory paperwork and has recently been serviced by Porsche