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Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series For Sale

1600KM only!


This 2014 Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series is presented in 'AMG Solar Beam Yellow' with Black Leather Alcantara is an incredibly rare and very special car, producing a staggering 622bhp from it's 6.2L naturally aspirated V8 which is 59bhp more than the standard SLS; the SLS Black Series has many key differences over the standard car. The car features a redesigned valve gear/, modified camshafts and revised intake system which now enables the big V8 to rev to 8000rpm. Mercedes have also reigned the engine's torques to 468 lb ft. at 5500 rpm which is 11 lb ft. of torque less than the standard SLS. The Black Series accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.6 seconds which is 0.2 seconds faster than the standard car and reaches a top speed of 196 mph which is very similar to the standard SLS.The Black Series also receives a new titanium exhaust saving 13kg/, lightweight seats/, carbon fibre bonnet/, a lithium-ion battery and various other light weight saving measures. The result is 1550kg which is 70kg less than the standard SLS. The dual clutch gearbox has a shorter final drive/, new software/, quicker shifts and better response to inputs from paddles.Further upgrades include two stage adjustable dampers/, a specifically tuned Sport Handling setting for the stability and traction control/, carbon ceramic brakes/, Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tyres/, an active rear locking differential/, aerodynamic package including the carbon fibre rear wing which can be manually adjusted to increase rear downforce on race tracks/, modified power steering and more. Mercedes claim this is a close relative to the GT3 race car and the Black Series certainly looks and feels that way. First registered in Italy in 2014 and came to the U.K in 2016 and has been looked after by Mercedes Brooklands ever since.

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